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PHYTONUTRIENTS #8: THE RED-PURPLE GROUP-The seventh and last of the Color Groups is the Red-Purple Group. This group’s colors come from Anthocyanins small compounds in blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and pomegranate. There are many berries around the world including the goji also called the Wolfberry and the Açaí berry . Anthocyanins are also found in grape juice and red wine. Anthocyanins enter the blood stream from your gut where they affect the Microbiome as bacteria digest them and some also go into the bloodstream to many cells in your body including the brain. Blueberry and pomegranate improve memory and cranberry with special proanthocyanidins helps to prevent urine infections in women. The pomegranate has Punicalagin, the largest and most powerful polyphenol antioxidant in the plant world. The Microbiome converts these large compounds to smaller Urolithins. There are personal variations in the ability to do this based on genetics and the Microbiome called Metabotypes so that about 70% of people form Urolithins and 30% do not. The Urolithins affect aging muscle, the brain, the skin, some other organs and balance immune function. Get your berries frozen or fresh every day. A serving will have only 50 to 70 calories. They add flavor and color to your Protein-Rich Shake and I have a Purple Shake every day. One more time the Color Groups are: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW-ORANGE, YELLOW-GREEN, GREEN, WHITE-GREEN, and RED-PURPLE. Try to get as many of these seven each day in foods or supplements. Hope you enjoyed this series!! Stay tuned for a new series all about Body Fat!! #drdavidheber #berries #pomegranate to learn more go to and

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