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CHANGING HABITS #1: WHAT IS A HABIT? – This is the first of a new series of posts on Changing Habits. Humans and animals form Habits, because the brain wants to save energy on those tasks that are frequently repeated. So activities that are repeated are carried out automatically. When you tie your shoelaces, you don’t have to think about each individual movement. When you walk, you don’t think about every move your legs make. You trigger the action and then it proceeds. Habits can be good or bad depending on their impact on your Health and Happiness. They can affect your mind and your body. It is estimated that you make two hundred unconscious eating decisions every day. Foods like French fries, colas, soft drinks, cookies, cakes, and pastries are Trigger Foods that can be eaten unconsciously while you are deep in thought or conversation or in response to an emotion without thinking. These food habits can make it hard to manage your weight, but the good news is that these types of habits can be changed through a process of building good habits such as having a Protein-Rich Shake for breakfast, exercising regularly, and planning your nutrition daily while keeping a food journal. In the next post, I will take apart the three things that make up any Habit (good or bad), so you can learn to change bad Habits to good Habits-so stay tuned !!! #drdavidheber #healthyhabits #purposedrivennutrition to learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available on for $5.49

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