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CHANGING HABITS #3: PICKING UP ON CUES- The first part of the Habit Loop is the Cue or Trigger that comes before the routine sometimes unconscious Behavior of eating a high sweet, high fat or savory salty snack that leads to the Reward of satisfaction or stress relief. Trigger foods are personal but include some of the best-selling fast foods such as pizza, ice cream, cakes, cookies, pastries, colas, burgers and French fries. These habits make it hard to stick with your Balanced Nutrition program for weight management even when you are not hungry. Protein-Rich Shakes to control hunger, a Balanced Nutrition Daily Plan, and a Healthy Active Lifestyle put you in a position to succeed, but Stress can derail your program even when you are not hungry but crave Trigger Foods. Stress is often the trigger that starts the Habit and there are physical and mental cues that come before the Behavior including: Racing Thoughts, Tight Neck and Shoulders, Clenched Jaw, Mouth Watering, Chest Tension, Shallow Rapid Breathing, Tightening of the Abdomen, Upset Stomach, and the Urge to Move Around. If you recognize these Cues, you can learn what circumstances trigger the stress and you can either address those or change the behavior to a healthy alternative that provides a similar reward. Changing habits takes time but you can do it if you concentrate on each step of the Habit Loop!! Next time I will talk about how to identify your routine and sometimes unconscious behaviors -so stay tuned!!!#drdavidheber #healthyhabits #changing #triggers #cues #habit to learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available as an e-book on for $5.49

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