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CHANGING HABITS #5: MAKE GOOD HABITS STRONGER- We all have both Good Habits and Bad Habits. A Good Habit is tying your shoelaces. You don’t have to think about each movement. You have repeated this habit so many times that it has become automatic. A Bad Habit May be eating French fries every day for lunch along with a fast food burger. I even see people eating French fries as in the photo without looking at them while they are eating. The brain doesn’t know if an automatic Strong Habit is Good or Bad. When it comes to a food habit, start with the body signals and then change the behavior. The lunch time Cue is hunger and the craving for the “fun” of eating fast food. Take care of the hunger first by planning a protein bar or a Protein-Rich shake 30 minutes before the time you usually get hungry. You know the time, because in my last post I wrote about recording the time of the behavior you want to change. You also want to stay far enough away from fast food in food courts to avoid the smell of French fries cooking which comes from a beef hide extract added to burgers and fries to attract you to the Fast Food Joint where the real profit comes from the 150 empty sugar calories in the Cola that accompanies the burger and fries. The Calories in that fast food meal might be 800. You can have a Protein-Rich Shake with less than 300 Calories and save 500 Calories and then take a walk during your lunch hour indoors or outdoors depending on the weather before going back to work. You saved 500 Calories with your new food choice of a Protein-Rich Shake and more by walking instead of sitting. Repeat the New Good Behavior day by day and week by week and in about 12 weeks, it will become a Good Strong Habit and you won’t have to think about it as you have accounted for your cue and picked a different behavior. The Reward Instead of a fullness from too much fast food with fat and salty feelings, is the stress relief of a great walk and the knowledge you are getting healthier every day with a loss of one pound of fat per week or 4 pounds per month. Next time I will go over which Habits Matter Most-So stay tuned!!! #drdavidheber #habits #healthyhabits #nutrition #protein

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