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CHANGING HABITS #7: WHAT IS CRAVING? Craving happens when you cannot do the Behavior that leads to the Reward, but you have sensed the Cue. Craving can derail your efforts to change by causing you to obsess on what you should not be doing. Over time Craving can be the key obstacle to changing Bad Habits to Good Habits. The visual cue of a television commercial, the smell of a cinnamon roll or French fries, and even taking about your craved food or a familiar song can trigger a craving. rats and mice denied the expected reward when they press a lever, turn off the rest of their brain developing an all-consuming anxiety and depression over time even avoiding eating while concentrating on getting the unobtainable Reward. Cravings can emerge gradually so you have to develop a strategy to control them. Get your Cravings under control by recognizing the Cues, and substituting a Good Habit with a Similar Reward. Craving ice cream or snacks after dinner?? Have a Protein-Rich Shake instead or take a walk after dinner and you will avoid binge eating observed in 25% of overweight and obese individuals which typically results in over 600 Calories you don’t need! Ingrain your good habits through repetition and you can avoid what the Buddha identified as the source of human suffering -Craving!! #drdavidheber #cravings #sugar #exercise #protein to learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available as an e-book from for $5.49

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