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CHANGING HABITS #7: WORKING NEW HABITS- New Habits take about 12 weeks at a minimum to take hold, but it is more than the passage of time – you have to Work Your New Habits! Every Habit has a Cue (seeing a cookie); a Routine Behavior (eating the cookie often unconscious); and the Reward ( a Sugar High). The reward is due to Dopamine, but the cue is seen by the thinking brain or cortex and the brain records the pleasant memory of the reward in the memory center for the next time you are tempted by a Craving. To work your new Habit:1) Identify your cues and triggers as well as the feeling of your reward; 2) Identify your cravings – what comes before and when they occur;3) Change the routine Behavior in response to the Cue and create a similar but Healthy Reward; 4) Find a Community that is trying to change habits and shares your beliefs about Protein-Rich Shakes, Balanced Nutrition and Healthy Active Lifestyle – working to help others changes you; and 5)NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP!! Changing Habits takes time and Work!! #drdavidheber #nutrition #changinghabits to learn more go to and and read PERSONALIZED NUTRITION AND TRANSFORMATION available on for $5.49

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