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SUGAR #2: WHERE IS SUGAR? – The reason you love Sugar is that Natural Sugar is found in fruits and vegetables and in Ancient times Natural Sugar encouraged us to eat – a critical behavior for survival. Our eyes detected the colorful fruits and vegetables on a green background using color vision unique to humans and primates (apes and monkeys), but it was the sweet taste that hit our Reward Center in the brain that encouraged us to taste and eat these healthy foods. The memory of the pleasant experience was stored in the brain so that we would eat the fruits and vegetables again the next time we saw them. These brain pathways develop in infants, but can be fooled by Added Sugar. About 12,000 years ago, agriculture developed due to a change in the Earth’s temperature and a mutation in wheat so that it kept its seed rather than losing it in the wind. Among the crops eventually planted was sugar cane and the sugar was processed into “white gold” (white sugar) which brought wealth to the British Empire in the 1700’s. Instead of fruits and vegetables Added Sugar spread to candies, cakes, breads, and chocolates. Natural Sugar is different than Added or Hidden Sugar found in 80% of foods in a U.S. Grocery. Sugar is not a poison. You need it during exercise, but in excess used to sell high fat/high sugar snacks to inactive people it has contributed to a Global Obesity Epidemic! More on Added Sugar and how to cut it down next time -So stay tuned!! #drdavidheber #sugar #obesity #overweight #bodybuilding #sports

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